Mooring lines for yachts

  1. Luxury mooring lines for yachts and superyachts
    Luxury mooring lines for yachts and superyachts
    32 mm Beaufort mooring line with whipping and leather eye on 55 meter Perini Navi
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Superyacht Mooring ropes
High quality ropes for yachts: strong, soft and flexible ropes with a superior finish.

Luxury mooring line
An extensive range of colours to match your hull colour or ships style.
Biofilm in piping.
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The Beaufort range: a double braided Polyester line with a finish suitable for every superyacht. Diameters up to 72 mm. with a breaking load of almost 102 tons.
About the products:

LANGMAN Touwfabriek, a Dutch manufacturer of ropes and lines for yachts
and super-yachts produces a wide range of high quality, luxury mooring lines:

BEAUFORT range: a double braided polyester rope. Depending on the diameter,
the cover is 16 or 24 braided, depending on diameter of rope. 
A 12-strand braided core gives the strength to the rope.

The Beaufort is a very flexible line with a high breaking load.
Available diameters from 10 to 72 mm.

OCEAN 12 range: an 12-strand braided polyester rope.
Easy to splice and very flexible. Diameters up to 36 mm.

OCEAN 8 range: an 8-strand braided polyester rope. Up to 128 mm.
with a breaking load of more than 210 tons.

OCEAN 3 range: an 3-strand polyester rope. This rope is very easy to
splice and used a lot as mooring lines. This rope is also used as halyard
ropes and other applications where low elongation is desirable.
Diameters available: between 6 and 52 mm.

All LANGMAN mooring lines have an excellent UV-resistance what is
important in sunny climates: your black, blue or grey line will stay that
colour for a very long time.

OTHER LINES: Langman Touwfabriek manufactures also lines for sailing
boats and classic yachts, Halyard ropes, sheet ropes, trim-reefing and
control lines, woven cord and flag lines.
For every rope or line application on your ship we have a product and a solution.

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Super yacht mooring ropes: the mooring rope is the first
feature that an owner or guest will see when arriving at the yacht.
We will provide you with lines that have the luxury
look and with the safety that this market requires.
​​                 LANGMAN Super yacht Mooring Ropes imported by Atlantic Yacht Services:​

                 Every line is hand finished to ships specifications: with whipping,
                 splicing on an eye with leather protection.
                 The Beaufort range is available in a wide range of colours that
                 cannot be matched by other ​manufacturer. Apart from the normal colour:
                 black, blue and white we can supply these lines in silver, navy, beige, brass
                 or carbon look, other colours are available on request.
                 We will match the whipping and leather eye protection to the colour of your lines.

                 Ropes can also be purchased by spools of 200 mtr.
                 We will ship the lines directly from factory to your ship in order not to loose
                 valuable time.